I strive to run my business by referral. Here's what some of my clients have to say...

When we hired Craig Veroni, we had gone through the process of meeting multiple realtors that were not the least bit interested in helping us find our dream home in Squamish. The 30 min travel from our home in North Vancouver seemed to be too much for these other realtors to add to their schedules, so we had to keep looking. We initially wished to buy in Lions Bay but ended up finding the perfect home after a few months of searching. Craig was with us all the way from the very beginning. His demeanor was excellent. Craig is calm, poised, to the point and has the facts straight ALL THE TIME.

From the first day we started looking at places, he helped us find the home for a dog that was on an unauthorized walk from his yard. Being that we were close to the highway it was my personal priority to make sure the dog got home. As an animal lover, this is when I knew Craig was the right guy to help us. There was no pretentious air about him he was genuine and kind which made me feel at ease with him. Not only did Craig provide excellent market research for our particular selling demographic but he also made sure we got the best value for the new home that we would be purchasing. Craig has an incredible network of AMAZING professionals to help you through the entire transition of selling and buying your new home, from the inspector, mortgage brokers, and lawyers. Whom we will now always continue to use. Craig even made sure that we were able to hand over the keys to our previous home knowing it was inspected for cleanliness, so we could just move out and not worry about staying behind to clean on a big moving day.

Another personal touch that my husband and I loved was that his son helped him during open houses. Craig's son met our prospective buyers at the gate to the beautiful home we had for sale. What a great way to give a young man some first-hand work experience! Both Craig and his son were always early, dressed professionally and super pleasant to deal with. Our first open house Craig's wife made mulled apple cider for our buyers and it was SUCH A BEAUTIFUL TOUCH which made our home smell warm and inviting.

I know I am rambling...but another point that I MUST touch on is the marketing and sales video that Craig and his team did for our home. We listed during Christmas time. And anyone who is looking to sell knows its not that busy time of year, actually a terrible time to sell according to some people. I truly don't think that we would have sold as quickly as we had if we didn't have this trendy, technologically savvy team Craig brought to the table.

Not only does he reply to you in an expertly timely fashion for any questions or concerns that we had, but he delivers his messages as a video!! That blew my mind! I loved how clear and perfect his communication skills were as the video messages lend no error for mistakes with information he was trying to convey. My husband and I both work in the Film industry so out spare time is very limited and Craig understood our needs far better than anyone else we had ever worked with before.

You would be crazy not to hire him!

I will always recommend his service and his team of experts to help you ease the transition from selling to buying your new home.

All the best to you Craig you did such an excellent job and we thank you! 

Jenean Skappak

April 9, 2013
Jennifer Wood
Relocation Manager
The MIGroup
7660 - 10 Street N.E.
Calgary, Alberta T2E 8W1

Dear Jennifer,

We recently relocated to a new city by way of a corporate relocation process with MI Group. Part of our relocation experience required involvement of a professional realtor in North Vancouver, BC. The original realtor assigned to us by The MIGroup could not meet our timeline, and lucky for us, she referred us on to Craig Veroni of Re/Max Masters Realty. Craig researched our needs and helped us tremendously in our search for our new home. Craig was invaluable to us. From the time of the first greeting, Craig was professional, helpful and informative. He knew his stuff. He accommodated our time-crunched visits to Vancouver, showed us over 20 homes in a day and a half, and guided us through the selection process. We found Craig to be consistent, reliable, friendly, punctual, and always easy to contact. With what seemed like ease, Craig assisted us through our negotiations and purchase process of our new home. Some serious issues during the purchase process presented themselves, however, Craig negotiated them effectively and efficiently, in large part due to his knowledge, professionalism, and charm! We would easily recommend Craig’s services to our family and friends and would encourage you to consider Craig’s services for any future clients of yours who may be relocating to the Vancouver area.


Bryan and Jay Ritchey
North Vancouver, BC

What a stroke of luck it was that we met Craig Veroni in mid-2011 when we wandered into an Open House for which he was the agent! While we were busy muttering to ourselves at the absurd dimensions and layout of the master bedroom, and speculating how a bed might even fit into it, Craig approached and personally asked us what we did want in a condo home, listening carefully as we tried to articulate the ever-expanding wish list. We were impressed by his earnest attention and won over by his charm. We owned a Yaletown condo which we wanted to list for sale, and asked Craig, as well as two other agents, to see the property and make a proposal regarding its sale. Craig’s was not the highest suggested list price of the three agents, but it was well-reasoned and his strategy for the sale seemed solid and well thought out. Our condo was beautiful but unfurnished; the other two agents suggested staging it, but Craig proposed “virtual staging”, a new online photo-based service that allows prospective buyers to decorate and furnish the suite according to their own taste. It proved appealing to clients, was easy and thousands of dollars cheaper for us as well. He then held a successful agents’ open house, several public opens, and completed the sale not long after. We are very happy with the services received from this likeable and attentive agent.

Dean Gingrich & Alison Bell
My wife and I were viewing an open house that Craig Veroni was attending, having just arrived from England the day before, mind you.We introduced ourselves exchanged phone numbers and explained we were looking for a home in North Vancouver and mentioned the price that we could afford. Craig asked if we had a realtor working for us. No was the answer. We explained that as we do not drive a bus service nearby was essential.Craig thought that a bus service was close to the property that we were viewing. We then went home not interested in the property. That evening Craig rang us to say that the bus did not go past the property. We were impressed to think that Craig went to the trouble of checking this out. We knew then that Craig cared. We also knew that Craig was the realtor for us. From that moment on he worked tirelessly for us. Nothing was to much trouble for him, always there for us. A great realtor, a gentleman and now a friend.

Ian and Rose Munro

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