Amazing Client Testimonial - The Harmons!

Check out this awesome client testimonial and learn how I helped these clients get out of a mess, list and sell their home in 6 days for the full asking price, and have lifelong advocates in the process.

I want to share with you a recent story of how I helped some longtime friends of mine out of a mess they'd gotten themselves into.

They had their home on the market in Langley for two-and-a-half weeks and were utterly disappointed with the agent they had chosen.

They felt like she did not have their best interests at heart and worse, did not want to listen to them when they gave her instructions to get professional photos done.

There was minimal interest in the home in terms of showings and no offers.

They called me up and said, "Look you were our 1st choice but we didn't think you'd take a listing all the way out in Langley." I told them I would do anything to help my friends out.

They fired their agent and I had their home back on the market in 1 week with a professional floor plan, gorgeous photos, and a video that was so impactful it made waves.

At the 1st open house after only 5 days on the market, I had 35 people/12 groups through. At the 2nd open house, there were 25 people/10 groups.

Shortly before the 2nd open house was to end I received word from 2 agents that their buyers would be submitting offers.

Within a few hours, we had an accepted offer at their full asking price after only being on the market for 6 days.

The next day I reached out to the agent of the 2nd offer we'd received. I had a gut feeling they were regretting not pursuing this property harder. I was right and later that day I had a subject-free, backup offer for the full asking price in place for my clients.

I don't stop working for you!

If you're looking to sell soon, give me a call, and let's discuss how I can help you.