Top 5 Reasons NOT To Move To Vancouver!

If you live in Vancouver or are thinking of moving to Vancouver, watch this video.

If you’ve been thinking about moving to Vancouver stop what you’re doing and watch this video because I’m going to tell you about the top 5 reasons not to move to Vancouver and we’re getting into it right after this!

Hey, everyone. I’m Craig Veroni with RE/MAX Masters Realty. I’m your local real estate agent here in Vancouver, BC. This video is all about the top 5 reasons not to move to Vancouver and you’re not going to want to miss it.
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Let’s kick things off with reason number 5.

5. The natural beauty. If you have an aversion to the sight of nature’s natural beauty then do not move to Vancouver. This includes stunning mountains, oceans, and forests. This city is constantly beckoning one to go outside. It’s exhausting and confusing. I mean there’s an ocean and forest right in the city. You can also be on Grouse Mountain skiing in the morning and within 30 minutes of coming off the hill be down at the beach. That’s confusing to a lot of people. The natural beauty is of course why many people choose to live here and visit the city and you don’t have to go far to soak it up. We have oceans, mountains, rivers, and streams and we like to play in them all. Yup, Vancouverites love to be outdoors no matter what the weather. Sure, we get our share of rain but that doesn’t stop us and when the sun is shining, Vancouver is stunning. We even do yoga in weird places like bridges and parks. If you don’t like to walk, peddle, or paddle you probably won’t fit in here. And if you do choose to live here, you’ll eventually find yourself shopping at Lululemon and getting a membership at Mountain Equipment Co-Op. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. 

4. Reason number 4. Traffic. Sure, we have our fair share of crappy traffic here in Vancouver. Although, it is not nearly as bad as Toronto or Seattle. Nonetheless, traffic can be a pain in the butt if you are commuting more than 30 minutes every day to and from work. The good news is Vancouver has a terrific transit system so there are numerous Skytrain lines as well as the West Coast Express, Seabus, Express busses, and regular bus service. This will allow you to put on your favourite podcast and chill while someone else does the driving. Many people also choose to bike around Vancouver as we have over 450 km of bike lanes in the City. So, if you really hate traffic you may want to consider Winnipeg, Saskatoon, or Frederickton.

 Reason number 3.

3. Arts and Culture. BC boasts 98,000 people who work in the arts, the highest number of artists per capita in the country. That is according to the most recent statistics Canada survey which is from 2016. I’m sure if stats Canada updated that, pre-COVID conditions, of course, that number would be much higher. Most of those artists are concentrated in Vancouver. My good friend, Gail Johnson, sums it up perfectly. "Arts and culture are what people turn to when they need comfort, inspiration, and connection.” Nothing has highlighted that statement more than the current COVID-19 pandemic we all find ourselves in. Gail is one of the co-founders of a new online publication and Vancouver’s definitive source of independent arts journalism called STIR. STIR is dedicated exclusively to local arts and culture and covers the region's creative scene while proudly keeping independent journalism alive. Before you know it you’ll be picnicking at the Cherry Blossom festival while sharing your favourite Shakespeare quotes from the Bard On The Beach play you just saw. So, if you hate arts and culture and don’t want to see movie stars or celebrity local actors filming while you’re out and about in the city then don’t move to Vancouver.


Reason number 2.

 The rain. Newsflash, it rains in Vancouver. If you suffer from Ombrophobia, do not move to Vancouver. In fact, if you suffer from Aquaphobia as well you won’t like Vancouver since we are right on the Ocean and have many lakes, streams, and rivers as well. Aquaphobia is often confused with Hydrophobia which is an aversion to water that developed in humans during the later stages of rabies. So, if you’re in the later stages of rabies, we don’t want you in Vancouver! Getting back to the rain, Vancouver is a Coastal Temperate rain forest and rain forests tend to get some rain. So, if you don’t like rain or you’re made of sugar, stay away from Vancouver.

And the number one reason not to move to Vancouver…

1. Housing prices. It is expensive to buy a home here in Vancouver. Land prices alone are significantly higher than most other cities in Canada with the exception of Toronto. If you want dirt-cheap housing prices you will need to find another city to live in. The reason so many people currently live in Vancouver and continually choose to move to Vancouver from elsewhere is the fact that we have some of the most beautiful homes situated in fantastic locations. People want to live here. There is no doubt about that. And if you choose to live here or move here, you better know going in that housing is expensive.