Top 5 Neighbourhoods In Port Moody!

I grew up in Port Moody so this is a very special episode for me. Not only are you going to find out the top 5 neighbourhoods in Port Moody but you'll see which house I grew up in, where I went to school, and what swim club I swam for. Check out the video!

Are you’re thinking of moving to Port Moody but you’re not sure which area or neighbourhood is right for you? Well, in this video I’m going to reveal the top 5 neighbourhoods in Port Moody right after this.

Hey, everyone, I’m Craig Veroni with RE/MAX Masters Realty. I’m your local real estate agent here in Vancouver, BC. This video is all about the top 5 neighbourhoods in Port Moody that’s going to fit your lifestyle. I shoot a ton of videos about what it’s like to live, love, and own here in Vancouver so be sure to hit that subscribe button, and don’t forget to click on that bell so you can be notified immediately when I have a new video out.

This is a very special and nostalgic episode for me because I grew up here. I have a lot of friends who still call Port Moody home and I love coming back here and visiting the area. I’m even going to show you where I used to live and where I went to school.

Nestled at the East end of Burrard Inlet, Port Moody is the smallest of the Tri-Cities, bordered by Coquitlam on the east and south, and Burnaby on the west. It features some impressive destinations such as Sasamat Lake, Belcarra Regional Park, Buntzen Lake, Rocky Point Park, and Barnet Marine Park.

This small town received little attention until it was declared the terminus of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1879. After the last spike was driven at Craigellachie on Nov. 7th 1885, the 1st scheduled passenger transcontinental train arrived on July 4, 1886, a date which is still celebrated during Golden Spike Days here in Port Moody, except for this year. Golden Spike days has been cancelled due to the pandemic. Over the next 2 years, real estate prices soared but soon fell flat when a 12-mile branch line was built westward along the inlet to Vancouver in 1887. Ah, real estate in BC, it’s never a dull moment.

Ok, enough history, let’s jump right into our number 5 neighbourhood which is Port Moody Centre. This is the heart of the community with many historic buildings and older architecture. This neighbourhood is home to Rocky Point Park, the Port Moody Station Museum, and a number of craft breweries which have sprung up in the area.

When we first moved to Port Moody this is the neighbourhood I lived in. Let me show you. This is where I used to live. This exact townhouse and it has not changed a bit. It’s crazy.

Our number 4 neighbourhood is College Park. This neighbourhood is right beside my childhood home in Easthill. In fact, I attended College Park Elementary for grade 5 and then moved to Seaview Elementary for grades 6 & 7.

Crazy story about my grade 7 teacher Norman Stoffberg. In South Africa, Norm taught my dad. When we arrived in Port Moody and my parents enrolled me in school they find out that Norm was teaching here and my dad insisted I was in his class for grade 7. And, he was a fantastic teacher. Then 3 years later, Norm taught my brother, Emile in grade 7 and as if that isn’t crazy enough, about 8 years later, Norman’s son, Bob Stoffberg winds up teaching my youngest brother Sean. Isn’t that wild?

This is Westhill pool and I have such fond memories of this place. I swam for the Port Moody Aquarians for 10 or 11 years. 5:30 am in the morning we’d have to dive into this cold pool and swim for 2 hours.

Alright, let me show you some of the detached homes in this neighbourhood. Here you’re going to find predominantly single-family detached homes with some townhouses and condos.

Our number 3 neighbourhood is North Shore. Yes, there is another North Shore area in Metro Vancouver. The North Shore is bordered by the Barber Street and Heritage Mountain neighbourhoods to the North, Port Moody Center to the south and the Ioco Neighbourhood to the West.

One of the anchor points of the North Shore is Newport Village. With several condo towers and all sorts of amenities below you have pretty much everything, you need at your doorstep. And, Eagle Ridge Hospital is right around the corner. You also have Sutter Brook Village just across the street.

Ioco Road, Alderside Road, Bently Road, are some of the lovely streets along the waterfront with many homes featuring spectacular views of the Burrard inlet.

In this neighbourhood, you’ll find a great mix of detached homes, condos, and townhouses for all levels of buyers.

There are two great parks in this neighbourhood. Old Orchard Park and Shoreline Park. There’s a beautiful bike and pedestrian trail called Shoreline trail that is a 6 km roundtrip loop from Old Orchard Park to Rocky Point Park.

Our number 2 neighbourhood is Heritage Woods. Sitting above the Heritage Mountain neighbourhood, this area also has a great mix of single detached homes and townhouses.

The higher you go the better the views get. The area offers lots of parks and trails and is home to Aspen Park Elementary.

It’s just a 12-minute drive to Buntzen Lake and a 15-minute drive to Sasamat lake from this neighbourhood.

And our number 1 neighbourhood is Heritage Mountain. Nestled in-between the North Shore and Heritage Woods neighbourhoods this area is perfectly situated to everything you’d need in Port Moody.

This neighbourhood consists mostly of detached single-family homes and townhouses, with some condominiums as well. Many homes up the mountain have beautiful views of the Burrard Inlet and surrounding forest.

Just like it’s sister neighbourhood, Heritage Woods, it has lots of bike and walking trails to offer including Bert Flinn Park. It is 126 hectares of undeveloped land with extensive trail systems for hikers and mountain bikers and an off-leash dog park.

Of course, just down the hill, you have The rec centre, Newport Village and Sutter Brook Village for all your shopping and dining needs.