Hottest Neighbourhoods In Squamish!

Guess what folks? We are going on a road trip! That’s right, this video is all about the Hottest Neighbourhoods In Squamish and I’m headed there to collaborate with my friend and colleague, Neal Sikkes.
Are you’re thinking of moving to Squamish but you’re not sure which area or neighbourhood is right for you? Well, in this video I’m going to reveal the hottest neighbourhoods in Squamish so stick around.

Hey, everyone, I’m Craig Veroni with RE/MAX Masters Realty. Your local real estate agent here in Vancouver, BC. Guess what folks? We are going on a road trip! That’s right, this video is all about the hottest neighbourhoods in Squamish that’s going to fit your lifestyle and I’m headed there to collaborate with my friend and colleague, Neal Sikkes. Neal and I work out of the RE/MAX Masters office and Neal has lived and worked in Squamish for the past 13 years. There’s no one better I can think of to show us around this gorgeous and bourgeoning community. If you’re new here, I shoot a ton of videos about what it’s like to live, love, and own here in Vancouver so be sure to subscribe to my channel, and don’t forget to click on that bell so you can be notified immediately when I have a new video out.

We are here, I have arrived in Squamish and this is my friend and colleague, Neal Sikkes. Neal, say hi to everyone.
Hi. Welcome to Squamish. Neal, how long have you lived in Squamish? And how long have you been a REALTOR? 

I know you are pretty passionate about this community, Neal. Tell us what you love about living in Squamish?

Fantastic! All right, folks, I promised you Neal and I were going to show you the hottest neighbourhoods in Squamish so, let’s kick things off. Neal where are we heading to first?

Let's head to the north end of town and kick things off with the Brackendale neighbourhood, Craig! 

This is a gorgeous area and one thing I do know about the Brackendale area is that this is where you can come and watch hundreds and hundreds of eagles gather every year. Am I right, Neal?

Craig, Brackendale is more than just the winter home of the bald eagles. Brackendale is an incredible option for those buyers looking to find a home in an established neighbourhood with predominately single-family homes. It offers easy access to some of Squamish’s best outdoor actives ranging from Eagle viewing on the Dyke, beach walks at Judd Beach, fisherman’s park, family-friendly walking/biking trails in the Ray Peter’s and easy access to Squamish’s world-renowned bike trail network. Another incredible feature of the neighbourhood is the local pillars like Bean Around the World Coffee shop, Republic Bikes, Beehive Salon, Nest Restaurant, Watershed Pub and Brackendale General Store. You'll also enjoy the ease of nearby schools Brackendale Elementary and Don Ross Secondary within walking distance. 

We are here in Garibaldi Estates. What can you tell us about this neighbourhood, Neal? 

Neal’s Dialogue: Garibaldi Estates is situated north of the Mamquam River and is divided by HWY 99. This centrally located neighbourhood offers a nice blend of single-family homes, townhouses and condos. It has unparalleled convenience with easy access to almost everything!  You’ll find yourself just steps away from some of Squamish's best restaurants, shopping, grocery stores, gyms and fitness centres, and medical services. Let's not forget the nearby popular Squamish Golf course. Again, this neighbourhood offers easy access to the trail network, parks and offers both a Montessori and public elementary school. 

So, this is the Garibaldi Highlands. I recently helped some clients move from North Vancouver to this area and I know it is a sought after one. My good friend, Mike Slinger is also the Dean of the Coast Mountain Academy School located nearby. Fill us in on this lovely neighbourhood, Neal.

Neal’s dialogue: Easily one of Squamish’s most prestigious and sought after areas as it boasts stunning views of the Squamish Valley, Howe Sound and the coastal mountains. Another huge draw to the area our world-class trail network literally on your doorstep. In recent years, we’ve seen the success of Quest university as well as the expansion of the University Heights/ University Highlands area which added new single-family homes and additional amenities to the area. The Garibaldi Highlands also offers an elementary school and french immersion program within an easy walk from most areas. 

This is Valleycliffe and by far my favourite thing about this neighbourhood are the views of The Chief.

Neal’s dialogue: Craig, Valleycliffe is a unique neighbourhood that consists of additional sub-areas including Hospital Hill, Plateau and Crumpitwoods. This area is best known for its incredible views of the Stawamus Chief, Mamquam Glacier and Howe Sound. Many people are drawn to Valleycliffe for the ease of access to the world-renowned climbing on the Smoke Bluffs and The Chief that is on top of the unique trail network. Another huge benefit of the area is the southernmost location here in Squamish, making it the quickest and easiest commuter-friendly area. While primary made of single-family homes there are a few options of condos and townhouses in the area and also amenities including Elementary school, Waldorf School, cafe, corner store and restaurants. 

Of course, we have to feature the downtown area of Squamish. Now, I know there is a lot going on down here, Neal. Fill us in.

Neal’s dialogue: Without a doubt Downtown Squamish is currently and visibly undergoing the most change. This area is the focus for future growth, development, and expansion for the community as it will play an integral role as the access to the Oceanfront Development. In the past few years we’ve seen the addition of numerous condo buildings and townhouse developments as well as commercial buildings and purpose-built rental housing. As Squamish will only continue to grow you’ll see the further development and increased activity in the downtown core. This area is the host for countless community events ranging from the Summer Farmers Markets, Beer, Music and sports festivals. Keep your eye on downtown as this is only the beginning. 

And, those are the hottest neighbourhoods in Squamish. Neal, I can’t thank you enough for showing us around this amazing community of yours. I think it’s very easy to see why you and so many other couples and families are choosing to call Squamish home right now.

As I mentioned, I’m Craig Veroni with RE/MAX Masters Realty. I’m your local real estate agent here in the Metro Vancouver area and Neal Sikkes is your local agent in Squamish. If you have any questions, if you’re relocating here, you’re moving here, make sure to shoot us a text or email, or call us on our mobile numbers. I shoot a ton of videos about what it’s like to live, love, and own here in Vancouver, BC so make sure to also hit that subscribe button and the bell so you can be notified when I have a new video out. Neal will be launching his own Youtube channel shortly covering everything you need to know about the Squamish and Whistler areas. I’ll be sure to post the link to his channel in the description below.

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