Thinking of Moving To Vancouver? 6 Tips To Make It Easy!

I have worked with clients from all over the world and I’ve developed a very smooth process for anyone who’s moving here. I have 6 very simple steps that are going to help make the entire process super easy for you moving forward.
So you’re moving or thinking about moving to Vancouver, BC. Well, there are 6 very important steps you need to know before you make your move here. And, if you’re wondering what those 6 steps are, keep watching.

Hey, everyone, I’m Craig Veroni with RE/MAX Masters Realty. I was named one of the top 50 video influencers in real estate, in North America, for the past 2 consecutive years for the way I utilize video to sell my client’s homes and educate them as well. I also use these techniques to help people from all around the world relocate to Vancouver and the Metro Vancouver area. So, if you haven’t yet, please subscribe to my channel, hit that thumbs up button and don’t forget to click on that bell so you can be notified immediately when I have a new video out about what’s it’s like to live here in Vancouver. I want you to be able to stay up to date on all the latest tips and insights in the Vancouver real estate market so you can become an expert too!

As I mentioned, I have helped many people relocate here over the years. I have worked with clients from all over the world and I’ve developed a very smooth process for anyone who’s moving here. So, whether you’re moving to Vancouver proper, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, or anywhere in the Metro Vancouver area, I have 6 very simple steps that are going to help make the entire process super easy for you moving forward.

Step 1: You’ve got to reach out to me. Give me a call or text, send me an email. Whatever is most convenient and comfortable for you. Once I have your information I’m going to set up a time to connect with you in a Zoom call. Zoom is just like FaceTime, Skype or a Google Hangout but more professional. It’s super easy to use, very quick, and non-intrusive. You get to see me face-to-face, I get to meet you face-to-face and we can really start to develop that relationship and dive into the details of your personal situation and real estate needs. Which leads me to step number 2.

Step 2. Narrowing down your desired criteria and location. You may or may not have already begun doing a ton of research online into the Vancouver area and I’m going to help narrow things down for you. Everyone’s situation and needs are different so, we’re going to dive deep into what your lifestyle is like? What’s important to you? What are your must have’s in a home or neighbourhood? Do you have kids? Pets? Are you single, married, retired, a first-time homebuyer? Are you downsizing or upsizing? It doesn’t matter what your needs or circumstances are I’ll be able to help you but, the face-to-face contact and initial deep dive will really save you a lot of time in your home search.

Step 3: Building out your custom home search. I will set you up with a sophisticated MLS search tool that will allow me to dial in everything you’re looking for in a home. Price, square footage, location, amenities, how many bedrooms and bathrooms. This will allow you to see what inventory is currently available in the areas you’re interested in and also allow you to favourite or discard homes allowing you and me to whittle down the options to find the right home for you. You’ll also get access to my website where you can search for homes at your convenience. I take this two-pronged approach because finding a home for you is a process of elimination and the more you are involved in the process the faster and easier it will be.

Step 4: Setting you up with a great mortgage broker or lender (Unless You’re Paying Cash)
This is a very important step if you’re going to require a mortgage for the purchase. Knowing what you can qualify for and what your budget is is vital before heading out to look at properties. You want someone who is knowledgeable, knows the local market and lending laws and stays completely up to date on the ever-changing mortgage rules. I work with some of the best mortgage brokers in the business and I’ll be able to recommend several to you so you can connect with someone locally and get this piece of the puzzle nailed down. So, whether you may be moving here in a month or even a year from now, reach out to me because the more advance notice I have, the better I’ll be able to service your needs. That takes me to step number 5.

Step 5: Set up dates to tour your desired homes and areas. Once we’ve narrowed down the list of homes and areas you want to focus on I then set up the dates and times for us to tour them. If there are a few different areas, I make sure to arrange the tour of homes for each area separately. Sometimes over a few days if the time allows in your schedule. I like to be efficient and organized so that when you arrive everything’s taken care of. If you need to be picked up at the airport, your hotel, or AirB&B, I will be there for you. There are always bottles of water in my car for guests and I make sure to build in breaks and time for lunch so we can take time to review what we’ve already seen and prepare for what we’re seeing next. Clients love the way I arrange tours for them because they really get a great sense of each area and neighbourhood. I always suggest they go out in the evening after the tour and walk around the city and if needed, I’ve always got great recommendations for restaurants, bars, or coffee shops near whichever area you happen to be staying. The goal is to find the right home for you in the limited time frame you’re here in town. Once we’ve achieved that, it takes us to step number 6.

Step 6: Guiding you through the buying process. I believe in educating all my clients and making sure they understand what’s happening through every step of the buying process. I created a great video called the Buying Process Explained so my clients can watch it at the leisure and really understand every step they’ll be taking. You can find that video here. The buying process can be emotional, complex, and convoluted and my goal is to make the entire process as streamlined and stress-free as possible for you. One of the ways I do this is by utilizing the best technology available. You’re always going to be kept in the loop with video, or video conferencing. I’ve adopted the use of video throughout my entire business so that you’ll always feel like you’re right here in Vancouver even though you may be on the other side of the country or on the other side of the world. Over the past two years, I’ve made a lot of changes in my business to ensure that anyone relocating here has the best experience possible.

There you have it. The 6 steps to make your move to Vancouver or the Metro Vancouver area a fantastic one. So, if you are thinking of making a move here, send me a text, email, phone call, or video. I am always here to help you and I will have your back every step of the way. And if you haven’t yet, I make a ton of videos about what it’s like to live in Vancouver which you can watch at any time on this channel. So, make sure to hit that subscribe button and the bell so you can be notified the moment I have a new video out. Thanks for watching. Have a fantastic day and remember, this is where you Live. Love. Own Vancouver!