What is interior design? As the name implies, it's all about designing a living area – such as a bathroom or basement – while taking into account your needs, tastes, and budget, as well as the characteristics of the space itself.

If you've ever sketched out an idea for a renovation – to add a wall, install hardwood floors, or paint – then you've done interior design, as least at an amateur level. Home improvement contractors, when they make suggestions about how to renovate a room, are also acting as interior designers.

According to the Association of Registered Interior Designers, "Interior Designers will analyze your needs and budget, prepare and present conceptual solutions and then manage the implementation of the project."
Although hiring an interior designer may seem like a luxury for many homeowners, it can actually be quite affordable. Plus, consider that your interior designer can manage your project from concept and design all the way through to a finished renovation – including managing the renovation work itself.

How do you find a good interior designer?

In Canada, check out Interior Designers of Canada at In the U.S., visit the American Society of Interior Designers at Both websites have search tools to find qualified registered interior designers in your area.

A REALTOR® who is an expert in the local market can also give you a recommendation.
When reviewing possible interior designers, take a close look at their portfolios, which are usually in the form of pictures of completed projects. Consider the style of work they've done for other clients, as it is likely that’s what you can expect for yours.

According to an article in The Epoch Times by Lloyd Princeton, it's also important that you get along with the interior designer. You'll be working closely with that person. If you have a gut feeling that you're not going to like him or her, then you won't be satisfied with the result – even if the design is actually good.